Thief Brewing Limited

Brewery Location: Corner Springs Road and Gerald Street, Lincoln, Christchurch
Postal Address: PO Box 69277, Lincoln 7640

Telarc Accredited
Food Safety Programme Registration (FSA-AFRH-9Q5TQF)


Brewer: Ryan (027 715 1674)
Manager: Steve (022 508 4433)
Admin: Shirley (022 508 4433)

We are a small Christchurch based brewery passionate about delivering beers full of aroma and flavour.

Our team

Ryan our brewer, creative and passionate about true craft beers (hell bent on adding more hops).

Steve the go to it man (and one for the finer engineering details) and

Shirley full of business ideas (and managing the day to day operations & accounts).

Our story – so far

Tasting some great beers at the ‘Twisted Hop’ in pre earthquake Christchurch started us experimenting with all grain brewing….The days of drinking bland lagers were gone as we set about brewing our first genuine craft beer.

Having ignored instructions that we were not to use the kitchen for brewing…. we were banished to the garage where for the months that followed we experimented and honed our skills and techniques.

As our knowledge improved so did our drive for the perfect ale. We needed better equipment… After dredging the internet we settled on a design, punched out a few calculations, then in true Kiwi fashion set about cutting, welding and crafting 3 disused kegs into a beautiful Hermes style brewing kit. This spawned the idea of brewing on a commercial scale.

We soon outgrew the garage and set about looking for premises to lease. With a desire to involve the local community in some way, we approached Lincoln University with a proposal to establish a brewery on campus, for the purposes of education in conjunction with commercial brewing.

Months later, a brewing course was launched and the first year began with 28 students-Ryan and Steve sharing recipes, equipment and knowhow with staff and students.

With University funds stretched, plans for setting up a commercial brewery on campus were put on hold. Undaunted by this, a lease was arranged on a nearby building in Lincoln. With premises signed up and local council approval, brewing resumed.

Meanwhile; Ryan’s passion for craft beer led him to team up with a long-time friend to invest in opening a craft beer bar. Twelve months later “The Institution” was opened in New Regent Street - the perfect venue to test our brews!

Telarc accreditation and Food Safety Systems in HCCAP were achieved (we are probably the smallest brewery in NZ with such distinction) giving us stringent assurance systems.

Registered for excise tax we could now sell our beers to the public– a grand opportunity for unbiased feedback beyond the growing numbers of taste test volunteers.

With Ryan’s sisters, Laura and Krystal, behind the bar of The Institution the line of feedback from the drinking public could not be any more honest and direct.

Our association with the University continues and in the coming weeks we will brew a batch of the students (most awarded) beer for public consumption at the bar.

To date Thief beers have sold well and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive – endorsing our belief that we brew a good drop!

Our inaugural commercial beer “Gypsy’s Kiss” is soon to be officially launched for general sale - An all New Zealand Pale Ale- Light golden colour with a mild bitterness and full on fruity aroma and flavour.


The company was formed in November 2012.